Here's what our wonderful patients have to say:
"I 10 out of 10 recommend going to see Dr. Jeremy. He is a cool dude that is easy to talk to and makes you feel like you are chatting with an old friend. Beyond that, he is amazing at his profession and really knows how to help people. He just gave me more relief of my sciatica pain in one adjustment than I have felt in over a year. The pain starts in my right lower back and goes down to buttock, hamstring and causes pain all the way down to big toe. As soon as I stood up from the table, I immediately noticed that I did not feel the pain in my toe. I now have a very noticeable increase in mobility and flexibility as well. Anyone who is needing help with sciatica pain or any issues with pain should go see Dr. Jeremy!"
— Dcrab16
"Dr.Jeremy has significantly improved my physical issues. The pain from my degenerative disc disease has been lessened by his manipulation and realignments. Best chiropractor, period."
— Thomas Mauricio
"Dr. Jeremy is the best Chiro in Lexington. I’ve dealt with so much back and neck pain over the years and after seeing dr Jeremy I have been living pain free!"

"Dr. Jeremy is personable and Club Chiro is a relaxing place to go and get adjusted. He treats my wife and four kids, and it has helped us all so much!"
— Cody Dean
"Jermey was hands down LITERALLY the best chiropractor I have ever met. It was my first time going to him and I was so nervous but he was so kind from the very beginning of me walking in and talked me through every process he did. I feel so fresh and brand new it’s craZy. Thank you Jeremy so much ur the best!! See u next time.😊👏👏👏👏👏👏"
— Ashley Compton
"Was having some lower back pain that eventually led to my knees hurting me so I was looking around for some relief and man when I tell you these guys at Club Chiro (Jeremy Amerine And Micah Herald) are great at what they do and very respectful!! I feel great and I can definitely vouch for them! Give these guys a call and get back right with your life!!"
— Pj Williams
"Dr.Jeremy is very professional also friendly. Takes his time with patients to help them out anyway he can. I've been a patient of his for a couple years now and I'm very happy."
— Engelien Bruce
"Best chiropractor I've ever been to. Provides excellent care and really gets to know patients personally. Highly recommend."
— Elizabeth Workman
"Flexible scheduling is big for me. The adjustment was excellent! My neck is hard to adjust and Dr. Amerine was able to gently but effectively adjust it."
— John Fentress
"Best Chiropractor in the area! Great flexible hours to be able to make it after work. Awesome experience will be going back!"
— Karen Melendez
"Finally found the best chiropractor me and my children have ever had! Definitely the best!"
— Chenae Fisher
"Awesome experience! Can’t wait to book my next appointment. Thank you Jeremy for getting me in and taken care of."
— Dueling Dachshunds
"Very nice, clean, and welcoming. Great place!!!"
— Mason Decker
"WOW absolutely the best adjustment ever
Great people, knowledgeable and listens and knows his stuff

So happy to have found this chiropractor.

Will be a definite place to maintain my adjustments. Thank you so much i feel like a new person

I fell and sprained my shoulder a few weeks ago. And shoulders and hips and knees all hurt 24/7

One adjustment i am from a pain level of 10 (max) to a pain level of 1or none

Highly recommend!!!
— Linda Jenkins
"Responsive, knowledgeable, personable, professional, and effective. I don't know what more you could ask for from a chiropractor. So, my short review is yes, I highly recommend this practice. A+, 5 stars, however you want to put it. This is a great one.

Furthermore, I think trying to find a good chiropractor is tricky. It's hard to trust someone with your spine given all the bones and nerves involved, and you don't want to end up in even worse shape. So, going to a new chiropractor forces you to trust someone you just met, and it really falls to the chiropractor to articulate their knowledge and sincere concern within a few minutes of meeting you in order to gain that instant trust. That is a skill a lot of healthcare professionals do not have. Jeremy aced that. He's very personable, easy to talk to, a great listener, and I felt like he took the time to understand my issues and get the full picture of what I might need and what he could and could not do to address that. I feel like I gained a great chiropractor and new buddy."
— Alson Cole
"Dr. Jeremy is the best of the BEST!! I have been adjusted since I was 16 yrs old, I have seen 3-4 different chiropractors as none of them truly fit my needs or helped improve my concerns until I met Dr. Jeremy! I have never had a doctor be as thorough and detailed as Dr. Jeremy!"
— Jasmine Wilson
"I followed Dr.Jeremy from Lexington to Frankfort because you really just can let a good thing go, especially if it’s just the town over. His understanding and attention to detail is what you want when it comes to seeing a chiropractor. He adjust my sister and some friends of mine too! If you’re for some reason on the fence about booking an appointment with him, just do it !"
— Elias Masharbash
"Customer testimonials and reviews are extremely valuable for any business. Reviews help build credibility and provide potential visitors with a compelling reason to choose your business over the competition."
— Stephany Gallentine
"Donna & Dr. Jeremy have done an incredible job with helping my husbands pain and getting him on his way to feeling better! 10/10 recommend!"
— Stephany Gallentine
"Jeremy keeps my back in alignment and keeps me from having back issues by doing preventative care."
— T Chis
"I go to Dr. Jeremy at least 3 times a month and I feel incredible. He may be young but he definitely knows what he’s doing to make your body feel like it should. Also the sounds of cracks on your back and neck are soooooon satisfying"
— Bryce Trent
"Dr. Jeremy is easily the best chiropractor! I'm a big dude and he easily made adjustments on my back that I needed. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable. Be sure to go check him out!"
— Brad Herald
"This is the place to go if you are dealing with pain and discomfort. Dr. Jeremy is both personable and professional and does amazing work. After 1 adjustment I am feeling amazing!"
— Cody Dean
"Dr. Jeremy really helped me when I was feeling terrible. His adjustment eased my rib cage so I could breath easier. I can't wait to see him again. Thank You Dr. Jeremy...I'm so glad I turned my car around."
— Tina Glover
"Great service. Best chiropractor in the lexington/Frankfort area. Dr. Jeremy is a fun loving, knowledgeable guy who always helps when you need it"
— Travis Olson
"Club Chiro is the place for me!
I was seeking natural remedy to misalignments in my spine & hips, that lead to all sorts of disruptions in my quality of life.
My first vist resulted in blood flow & back relief I had not experienced in quite some time."
— Sheryl D McIntyre
"I have been a patient for almost 20 years. Dr. Adams and Denise both are very welcoming and professional. Most importantly, I always find solutions for various problems I have experienced over the years. Most recently, I found great relief for wrist problems from a series of dry needling procedures. I can recommend without reservation.
— Gae Broadwater
"Dr. Adams is the consumate professional. He explained everything to me,concerning my injuries and the process we would utilize to achieve results that heal. A man of integrity and hands that heal. Very satisfied with care I receive here!!"
— Paul Coffey
"Dr. Adams is a miracle doctor... I have seen him for headaches, neck pain, wrist pain and I always come out feeling like a new me. If ever I need to be adjusted he is always there. Denise is a joy to talk as well. I feel so good and relaxed when I leave the office. :)"
— Michelle Keeling-Martin
"They are always ready to see you on a minutes notice. Denise is so friendly and has her heater going.
Dr Adams is very knowledgeable,love his stories and a dog lover. Great place to get your adjustments.
— Leesa O'Banion
"I have been a patient of Dr. Adams for numerous years. I can sincerely say he is wonderful person and chiropractor. He is compassionate and caring about his patients. His chiropractic techniques usually resolves my back and neck issues in one treatment and he doesn't insist on returning for multiple adjustments. I cannot say enough positive remarks about his dry needling service. If you are suffering from an achy body you definitely need to try dry needling. I just can't believe how wonderful my muscles feel after just one session. And, he and his wife are great Ballroom dancers!!"
— Sherry Wade
"Dr.Adams and Denise are a wonderful team. I began going to Dr. Adams for lower back pain along with hip pain. Then I was in a car accident and Dr. Adams has been great. I am beginning to have minimal pain through his Dry needle treatments and adjustments."
— Kim Norris
" have been a patient of Adams Chiropractic for many years. I have always received excellent care & relief from pain. They work to get you in to see the doctor ASAP. DR. Adams & office manager, Denise, are very professional & at the same time very friendly & put you at ease. I would highly recommend this office for chiropractic care. I moved out of Frankfort 5 yrs. ago but return to this office for treatment."
— Betsy Conner
"Only chiropractor I've been to but surprised me nonetheless. Extremely nice and professional. After only 2 visiting already seeing massive improvement in my back."
— Louis XVI
"Dr.Jeremy Amerine was very welcoming and tended to all my needs in a timely manner. His doctor office was very chill."
— Talisheon Minter
"Absolutely fantastic fix me up in a matter of 10 minutes. I couldn't even move my head when I walked in now. I can do cart wheels."
— Tracy Wood
"Massage services are top notch"
— Sassie
"Best chiropractor around won’t go anywhere else
Jessica fletcher"
— Jess Barnes
"Dr. Jeremy is the greatest!"
— Laura McCullough

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