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The treatments we offer at Club Chiro have been found to be the most effective at relieving back, neck and headache pain in Frankfort KY.

Spinal Adjusting or Manipulation In Frankfort KY

The primary form of treatment provided by all chiropractors is the Adjustment. This is provided to correct problems with the spine and extremity joints. This can be done in a variety of ways. In our office I use primarily manual manipulation with my hands. In 34 years of practice I have found this to be the most effective form of spinal adjusting, getting the best results in the shortest period of time.


The Arthrostim is an electrical mechanical adjusting device. We use this primarily with treating bulging discs along the spine. It provides a repetitive thumping action that helps stimulate the nervous system and help realign the spinal discs. Those patients that don't like the "cracking "sound from the typical adjustment find this technique more comfortable.

McKenzie Technique

The McKenzie technique was originally developed to treat back pain. We use the Arthrostim in providing this technique. We have found it very beneficial in helping to resolve disc injuries.


This treatment is provided on our main adjusting table. It provides repetitive light traction to the spine during the typical treatment protocol. We have found this technique to be very effective in helping to increase spinal range of motion and in assisting the adjusting techniques.

Active Release Technique

This is a soft tissue technique that helps to reduce the impact of scar tissue and muscle spasm along the spine or affected extremities. We have found this technique to be especially effective with Carpal Tunnel syndrome and certain types of headaches.

Dry Needling

This is the newest treatment technique that we use. We introduced this form of treatment several years ago. The technique uses the same tools as an acupuncturist but that is the only similarity. This technique uses the modern understanding of neurology, anatomy and physiology.

Pain can become chronic when areas in the soft tissue develop loops or learned responses to stimulation. Just like when you were a kid learning to tie your shoes or button your shirt, once learned it becomes an automatic reflex. The objective is to break up these learned responses to rid the body of pain. We have had fantastic results using Dry Needling with a lot of patients with chronic pain. In addition, several Anthem insurance plans cover this service including the State Health Benefit Plan.


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